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148-item Checklist

We have generated a 148-item ecolodge checklist, targeting the environmentally-friendly accmmodations that plan and introduce guided tours such as ecotours. This checklist complies the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria and first five categories with GPN(Green Purchasing Network)'s 'Hotels and InnsRyokans Guidelines'.

Japan Environmentally Sustainable Accommodations International Standard

download the checklist Download ESAIS (PDF277KB)

Merits to disclosing the checklist result;

  1. Distinguish from others
  2. Establish credibility thru third party organization
  3. Serve as an engine of the industry and take a leadership
  4. Improving and verifying the action items thru periodic benchmarking

Numerous accreditation schemes are available for small and medium scale nature-based lodges. However, time, effort, and price can sometimes be a bi obstacle to embrace the movement. Japan Ecolodge Association hopes with a long-term vision that a certification scheme be introduced in Japan for the benefit of operators and users with affordability and international standards. This checklist is fully recognized by Global Sustainable Tourism Council in November, 2012..